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Manthey Park


Park Permit Form (PDF)

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Pavilion Policy (PDF)

Pavilion Rental Prices (PDF)

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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Baseball / Softball
  3. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  4. Basketball
  5. Basketball Court
  6. Electricity
  7. Grill
  8. Horseshoe courts
  9. Parking
  10. Pavilion
  11. Picnic Areas
  12. Picnic Shelters
  13. Picnic Tables
  14. Playground
  15. Restrooms
  16. Tennis
  17. Tennis Court
  18. Trails


This community park was acquired and built through the aid of federal, state, and City funds. The land was acquired from Frances Manthey on February 18, 1970 for the sum of $40,000, through a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. The land was rented out as farm land for several years until the northeast section of the city began to rapidly develop with residential properties, at which time development plans were drawn. Between 1981 and 1986, in excess of $100,000 in federal and state funds, along with over $200,000 of local funds were spent to develop Manthey Park. Because of the multitude of recreational offerings, this park has become a favorite of many families.

Rental Fees

  • All day: Large - $90, South - $75
  • Deposit: $50
  • Half-day (6 a.m. to 2 p.m. or 3 to 11 p.m.): Large - $60, South - $50