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Concussion Training Quiz for Coaches

  1. Concussion Training Quiz for Coaches
  2. 1. A concussion is a:
  3. 2. When can concussions occur?
  4. 3. How do you identify a concussion?
  5. 4. Which of the following are signs of a concussion that you as a coach may identify?
  6. 5. Which of the following are symptoms of a concussion that an athlete may describe?
  7. 6. If an athlete has had a previous concussion they:
  8. 7. What is the first thing you should do as a coach when one of your players has sustained a bump or blow to the head or body and isn’t acting right?
  9. 8. . Which of the following would be considered Danger Signs of a severe concussion and require rushing an athlete to the emergency department immediately?
  10. 9. When can an athlete return to play after a concussion?
  11. 10. When should you talk to the athlete’s parents about the possible concussion he/she may have had?
  12. 11. How can you help prevent concussions?
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