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GPO Monthly Catalog

U.S. government documents including Congressional reports, hearings, debates and records, judiciary materials, and documents issued by executive departments.
Provided by Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM)

Owatonna Library Card


Search for items in most libraries and library systems throughout the state of Minnesota.
Funded by the State of Minnesota.

Owatonna Library Card


Directory of digitized images, documents, and other materials.
Provided by ELM

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Owatonna Library Card

Owatonna Public Library catalog

Search for books, books on CD, DVDs, and music CDs at Owatonna Public Library (OPL).
Provided by OPL and SELCO

Owatonna Library Card

Owatonna Public Schools

Search the collections at the elementary schools, middle school, and OHS.
Provided by Owatonna Public Schools

Owatonna Library Card


Catalog of books and other materials held in libraries worldwide.
Provided by ELM