Mailbox and Property Damage Issues

Property Damage 

For all property damage complaints, a report form will be completed and submitted to the Public Works Department Administrative Office. 

City staff will repair turf damage within the right-of-way which was caused by city snow removal operations. Turf will be replaced as soon as season allows. 

Mailbox Damage

City staff will either replace or pay a sum of money not to exceed $75.00 for a mailbox and support damaged as a result of city snow plowing or other street maintenance work.

Note: Repair of non-conforming mailboxes and support structures will be the responsibility of the residents. Such non-conforming mail boxes and support structures damaged to an extent of 50% or more replacement value shall not be repaired or reconstructed except as to bring them into compliance with this policy. 

Where mailboxes are placed adjacent to the street, it shall be the policy of the City that snow be plowed as close as practicable to the curb to allow for passage of traffic and mail delivery. It shall remain the responsibility of the property owner to keep piled snow away from mailboxes so mail can be delivered. 

Conforming Mailboxes and USPS Guidelines

Submit a Complaint

All complaints are to be directed to the Public Works Department Administrative Office at 507-444-4350.  

City staff will attempt to address complaints within 24 hours from receipt. For complaints which can't be addressed within 24 hours, an attempt will be made to inform the reporter. 

Appeals of any decision regarding complaints may be filed in writing with the City's insurance company.