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Jul 30

City Engineer Updates 7-31-2020

Posted on July 30, 2020 at 2:36 PM by Anna Schwichtenberg

City of Owatonna Engineering

Construction has begun and various projects can be seen around The City of Owatonna. Please slow down and use caution when approaching a construction zone.

We thank you for your patience as these projects are completed.

2020 Construction Projects:

Cardinal Drive SE Storm Sewer: The storm sewer is completed across Bixby Rd & the Railroad. Final grading, curb & gutter and pavement should begin next week.

CIPPS: The contractor is back in town to line the pipes. They should be in town for the next three weeks.

18th Street SW: 18th Street SW is under construction as part of the Costco project.  Wet subgrade soils have slowed progress for the past week. The contractor has done a very good job of maintaining access for the business and one resident affected by the project. 10th Street SW was also completed along with the Costco project.

Street & Utility: 

Cherry Street
- All curb & gutter and driveways are completed. James Bros. are backfilling topsoil borrow behind the curb and are about done with that. The sanitary manhole in the path have been adjusted. They will be grading the existing aggregate base to accept the 5” of asphalt the first part of next week.

Greenhaven Lane - All curb & gutter has been completed. James Bros. are subcutting the existing aggregate base to accept the 5” of asphalt. 

Shady Avenue -  All excavation and placement of aggregate base is complete. The curb & Gutter removal and replacement still need to be done.

As of now, Crane Creek Asphalt plan on paving the base course of asphalt at the end of next week. 

Overlay Project: This project has been completed aside from some sodding that has to be finished. 

Misc. Repairs: This year has seen a considerable number of miscellaneous repairs to the storm and sanitary sewer systems. City staff is working with private contractors to complete the work. 

Public Works
Street Department: The Street Department finished the annual overlay Thursday July 30th. The department now will be back to patching & repairing streets.

WWTP: WWTP Facility Plan and Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW).  The required air permitting information has been submitted to the MPCA for review.  Once the air permitting portion of the EAW is ready, the entire document can be submitted for review.  City staff is working with the rate study consultant to have a presentation ready for a September 29th meeting with council.  We anticipate having a recommendation for rates in place that can be adopted by council taking effect 01/01/2021.

To submit a Public Works Maintenance Request, please call 507-444-4350 or fill out  an Online Public Works Maintenance Request Form.