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Apr 08

Spring has Sprung

Posted on April 8, 2021 at 9:40 AM by Jessica Abrahams

Author: Mary Jo Knudson, Recreation Supervisor

It’s time for spring cleaning!  Everyone’s home needs a good spring cleaning to refresh before the beautiful days of summer ahead of us.  The parks are no different!  When the snow melts we find all sorts of things that were covered up all winter.  Our park crew works continuously to keep our parks in excellent shape, free of garbage and debris.  But let’s face it, with over 800 acres of parkland and 17 miles of trail, the task is a big one!

The Parks Department is giving residents the opportunity to take pride and ownership in Owatonna’s beautiful parks by offering Adopt-a-Park and Park Clean-Up Kits.

Adopt-a-Park (AAP) is new in 2021.  Volunteering for AAP is a chance to assist the Parks Department to maintain a clean, beautiful area and communicate any issues associated with a specific park, trail or open space.  Anyone can participate – church groups, organizations, businesses, school clubs, families or individuals.  Volunteers are asked for a once monthly commitment April through October.  Volunteers are responsible for cleaning their site of trash, debris and downed tree limbs.  The also help spread the word of Pack-in, Pack-out and leave no trace!  Encourage others to take with them whatever they brought into the park and dispose of properly.  Volunteers may also undertake beautification efforts in the adopted area upon approval by the Park Director.

The City provides trash bags, buckets and pickers to volunteers.  We also coordinate pickup of trash, debris and limbs.  If a project is being done, the parks department will also provide materials required.  Volunteers will be recognized on signs at the entrance of the adopted park as well as on the city website and social media.

The City has 38 locations to choose from in all sections of town.  A waiver is required of all volunteers.  Thank you to those who have already volunteered!  Greg Posch, Margaret Michaletz, Lavonne Trotter, Judy Srsen and the Wavrin family have already adopted a park…we appreciate your commitment!

If you’re unable to make a monthly commitment, the Park Clean-Up Kits are better suited for you.  Go to the Park & Rec website to register for a kit.  Kits include buckets, bags & pickers.  You pick up your kit from the Park Shop on Wednesday and return by the following Tuesday.  You can go to any park or any trail during that time.  Leave the filled garbage bags near a trash receptacle in that area for our crew to pick up!

Just like your home & yard, there’s always cleaning that can be done, and we sure appreciate our volunteers who keep our parks and trails in excellent condition.  And besides, it’s a great way to get some exercise and spend more time in nature!

Contact Mary Jo Knudson 507-774-7364, or Jesse Wilker 507-774-7086, for more information or to adopt your park!

A sure sign of spring is green grass, greens, tee boxes and golf balls flying!  Brooktree Golf Course is now open for the season!  Mother Nature was kind to us this year and the course opened on March 25th.  The course made it through the winter in beautiful condition.

Brooktree offers memberships for Families, Seniors, Juniors and everyone in between!  Annual cart rentals are also available.  Memberships are available at the clubhouse or at the Parks & Recreation office.  Finish off your round with an excellent meal from The Broken Tee…patio opening as soon as weather permits!

The clubhouse opens at 9 a.m. daily (for now), so grab your clubs and head to the links!