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Jun 11

Engineering Updates 6/11/2021

Posted on June 11, 2021 at 4:49 PM by Anna Schwichtenberg

City of Owatonna Engineering

Construction has begun and various projects can be seen around The City of Owatonna. Please slow down and use caution when approaching a construction zone.

We thank you for your patience as these projects are completed.

2021 Construction Projects:
2021 Project Location Map

2021 Bridge Street: Work this week continued on Phase 1. During installation of the large diameter culverts that were delivered on-site last week some watermain relocation work was needed and this was completed this week. Installation of the culverts has continued and is anticipated to be completed early next week along with ditch grading and preparation. Work next week will include continued storm culvert installation followed by grading of the road base material.

2021 N Cedar StreetscapeConstruction is set to begin on Monday, June 21st, 2021.
• Construction work will take place Monday–Friday 7:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. There will be limited times when work must occur outside of this time period, but we will do our best to coordinate and communicate when this is needed.
• Construction will begin with traffic control, detour setup, erosion control, and setting up a temporary watermain.
• Street removals will follow once traffic control is in place.
o Removals will be between Rose Street and Pearl Street while utility installation is completed.
o Partial sidewalk areas will remain in place while the initial work is performed. Safety fencing will be placed alongside the removal limits to separate construction and pedestrian traffic.
• The Contractor may be reaching out to building owners before the construction start date to perform documentation of existing building conditions to ensure no damage to the buildings takes place during construction activities. 
o Vibration monitoring devices will be installed in specific locations to ensure the construction methods are modified as necessary to minimize building vibration.

To sign up for weekly updates for the North Cedar Streetscape Project, please visit the ISG Project Page.

2021 Truman Avenue: Northland Grading & Excavating finished work on the new storm sewer construction in Phase 1 of the project. Items completed include: removal of existing storm sewer pipe, and installation of new storm sewer main, storm sewer manhole structure, and storm sewer catch basin structures. 

Next Week: The Contractor plans to start sub cutting and the sub grade preparation next week. Items of work planned for next week in Phase 1 of the project include: subgrade preparation, test rolling, and aggregate base.

2021 Street Maintenance: The Crack Sealing crew started on Wednesday (June 9th) and have been working through Friday morning. They have completed all designated streets in the Northeast quadrant of town, and are about half done with their part of the project. On Monday, they will continue crack sealing with several streets in the Northwest, and then Southwest. They should finish by the end of the day Tuesday. 

The Seal Coating contractor is expected to arrive sometime during the week of June 21st. That part of the project should only last several days, except the loose aggregate may not get swept of for another week after that.

Please notice and obey the temporary “No Parking – Street Maintenance” signs where they are placed. They will only need to be there for a day or two.

Public Works
Street Department: Are you wondering why the pot hole you reported hasn't been fixed yet? Pot hole reports are routed to the street department who then inspects the issue. Then areas needing repair are prioritized by size, number and street traffic volume. The street department works hard to address all reported issues as they're received. 

To sign up for various department notifications, use the Notify Me feature on The City of Owatonna Website.

To submit a Public Works Maintenance Request, please call 507-444-4350 or fill out  an Online Public Works Maintenance Request Form.