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Jun 18

Engineering Updates 6/18/2021

Posted on June 18, 2021 at 11:23 AM by Anna Schwichtenberg

City of Owatonna Engineering

Construction has begun and various projects can be seen around The City of Owatonna. Please slow down and use caution when approaching a construction zone.

We thank you for your patience as these projects are completed.

2021 Construction Projects:
2021 Project Location Map

2021 Bridge Street: Work this week continued on Phase 1 including the completion of watermain relocation and installation of the three large diameter culverts crossing Bridge Street. In addition sand base was imported and is being placed throughout the roadbed.

Work next week will include continued placement of the sand base as well as delivery and placement of the Class 5 aggregate base material. Once the road base is placed and trimmed to the appropriate elevation, concrete paving will commence. The paving is anticipated to take place the week of July 5th and will then need at least two weeks to cure and harden before traffic can drive on it. As paving begins further traffic changes are anticipated as work moves to the next phase.

To sign up for updates specific to the 2021 Bridge Street Project, please visit Notify Me

2021 N Cedar StreetscapeConstruction is set to begin on Monday, June 21st, 2021.
Traffic patterns for a construction project on N. Cedar  Avenue will change starting Monday, June 21, 2021. Weather  permitting, N. Cedar Avenue from Rose Street to Pearl Street will be closed to both directions of traffic, including the intersections of Rose St. (CSAH 19) & Cedar Ave. and Pearl St. & Cedar Ave. traffic will be routed around the work area via. CSAH 45/Oak Avenue, E. Main Street, and N. Elm Avenue. The Vine Street, and Broadway Street intersections will remain open to traffic at this time. Pedestrian access is to be maintained to all businesses along N. Cedar Avenue throughout the project. A detour map is available here.

To sign up for updates for the North Cedar Streetscape Project, please visit the ISG Project Page, scroll to "Stay Connected" and fill out the form title "Sign up here for project updates"

2021 Truman AvenueNorthland Grading & Excavating started work on sub-cutting and sub-grade preparation for the Phase 1 portion of the project. The 6” Perforated PE Pipe Drain and began installation on Friday. Phase 2 sanitary sewer construction began starting at the intersection of School St. and Truman Ave. where they installed one (1) new sanitary sewer manhole structure. This intersection of School St. and Truman Ave. was closed to traffic so that construction on underground work items at this intersection could be completed. After construction of the new manhole structure at this intersection Northland continued with Phase 2 sanitary sewer construction working southward from School St. towards Phelps St.

Next week: Northland Grading & Excavating plans to continue installation of the 6” Perforated PE Pipe Drain in Phase 1 of the project.  After installation of the Pipe Drain, they plan to start placing the aggregate base layers for the roadway sub-base. In Phase 2 of the project, Northland plans to start water main construction on Monday, starting at the intersection of School St. and Truman Ave. The intersection of School St. and Truman Ave. will remain closed to traffic for work on water main and storm sewer construction to completed. 

Intersections affected:  
Northland will continue working in the Phase 1 portion of the project, from Main St. & Truman Ave. to School St. & Truman Ave. Northland will also be working in the North end of Phase 2 of the project, from School St. to Phelps St. Side-road access across Truman Ave. at the intersections of Agnes St., and Academy St. will be closed to traffic for the duration of Phase 1. Side-road access across Truman Ave. at the intersection of School St. will remain closed until construction of underground work items at this intersection are completed, backfilled, and aggregate sub-base has been placed.  Side-road access across Truman Ave. at all other intersections along the project will continue to be maintained for traffic and residents.  Drivers are encouraged to take alternative routes, if possible, to avoid construction activities on the project.  Residents needing to access the cul-de-sac at the East end of Academy St. may use the temporary access lane in-place at the East end of the cul-de-sac connecting to Main St.  

Overlay Project: The contractor has begun adjusting and replacing manholes on Park St SE & Kast Ave SE. They will continue with Oak View Pl SE and 12th St SE, located west of Lincoln Ave. There will be some curb & gutter replacement and the two catch basins located at 12th St & Lincoln Ave will be removed and replaced.

2021 Street Maintenance: The Crack sealing company has completed that part of the project. The Chip sealing contractor is expected in on Wednesday or Thursday of next week (June 23rd or 24th). That process should only take a day or two for the entire project. They will need the entire street width to lay down the sealcoat, so please be aware of any “No Parking – Street Maintenance” signs. 

Stormwater Management: Storm water is water from rain or melting snow that does not soak into the ground. Instead, it flows from rooftops, across paved areas, and through sloped lawns. As storm water moves across these surfaces, it can pick up and carry along pollutants. 

Stormwater MS4 Graphic - MPCA
Graphic Credit: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

To sign up for various department notifications, use the Notify Me feature on The City of Owatonna Website.

To submit a Public Works Maintenance Request, please call 507-444-4350 or fill out  an Online Public Works Maintenance Request Form.